We want PARTY JUMPERS to be a place of relaxed enjoyment, fun, and social connection! In light of this we know more fun and enjoyment will be had by all when our patrons follow our guidelines and policies.

Parents & Care givers, please:

  1. BE PRESENT. Supervision of your own child is required at all times.
  2. BE AWARE. If your child is imposing on another’s positive play time, please step in to correct their behavior immediately.
  3. SPEAK UP. If your child is bearing the brunt of another child’s negative behavior, kindly let their parent know so resolution can be attained.
  4. SAY SOMETHING. If you see something that concerns you, please bring it to the attention of the manager on duty.
  5. NOTICE. If your child is causing physical harm to another child and behavior does not improve with engagement, for the well-being of everyone involved, we ask you to leave and return when behavior has improved.

Liability Waiver:

Patrons entering “Party Jumpers” acknowledge the inherent risks present in an indoor play environment.  While “Party Jumpers” works diligently to provide a safe environment for all,  certain risks, whether inherent in the facility itself or caused by the actions of other patrons, are unavoidable.  By using our facility, Patrons shall indemnify “Party Jumpers” and its employees, agents and officers against any and all liability incurred by any negligent or willful act of the patron, care giver,  child, or other patrons.  A complete copy of this Terms of Use and Liability Waiver is posted at the Cafe and is also available upon request from any team member.

Terms of Use:

Party Jumpers reserves the right to refuse service to a Patron whose presence detracts from the safety, welfare, and well-being of other Patrons and the cafe itself. This includes patrons under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Party Jumpers reserves the right to amend these Terms of Use and Liability Waiver from time to time.



Playground Pride:

1. Slides go down! Climbing up or standing on the slide puts children and others at risk.
2. Kindness is king! Children and adults will be kind, respectful, and conscious of the safety of all patrons.
Rough play or bullying will not be tolerated. Those unable to comply will be asked to leave the premises.

Party Jumpers Policies:

Parents may choose to remain in the cafe while their children are in the play area if their children are:

  1. Age 4 or older and able to climb independently.
  2. Children who are not easily consoled must be taken out of the playground area by their parents or caregivers.
  3. Children must follow the rules of the play area and respect staff reinforcement.

                Two unheeded warnings will result in a conversation with the parent and encouragement to take a break from play. Party Jumpers reserves the right to deny access to   children who choose not to comply by our guidelines.

Our Safety Rules:

  1. Empty your pockets in remove all jewelry including rings, necklaces and earrings before entering the playgarea.
  2. SLIDE FEET FIRST ONE PERSON AT A TIME in a crouching or sitting position, hold your knees close to your body and slide.
  3. SOCKS ONLY! No bare feet and no shoes! If you do not have socks on, ask the staff. Socks are available for sale at our counter in the event that a child or adult comes without some from home.
  1. This play area has been designed for children only and is not intended for adult use. As needed, adults may enter the playground to assist their children below 3 years.
  1. Run carefully in the playground. Please watch for little ones and be respectful.
  2. No climbing on the outside of the structure.
  3. Mind your children. Parents are responsible for their children’s actions and behavior.
  4. No stopping IN the slides and no climbing UP the slides.
  5. If you cannot reach it, climb it, then don’t.
  6. No toys, gum, food or drink in the playground.
  7. No hooded sweaters or clothing with drawstrings that could get caught somewhere.
  8. Outside food or drinks are to remain outside Party Jumpers.
  9. We appreciate your conscious effort to keep our facility clean and germ-free. Please use the available hand sanitizes before entering the play area.Thoroughly wash hands after eating and every restroom visit.
  1. Diaper changes must take place ONLY in the the restrooms. It’s just better that way.

Adults must have a kid! All adults entering the play space must be there because of a child they are responsible for.

Adults are also responsible to supervise their children at all times. Staff are there for general and group supervision, but parents must be present for full responsibility of each child.